Koooooos x Lemon

Somewhere between a photo show and a giant sculpture, Kooooos’s breakout debut photographic exhibition popped up from under-the-radar to fill the lemon factory floor with a mix of anything/everything from giant cats to three breasted nudes, and hit instagram like a wet analogue slap through the face.

The show featured a varied mix of everyday observations and explored the tension between objects, bodies and moments through an experimental use of materials by breaking from the wall and screen image standard. Creating new narratives between odd pairs and often not so obviously connected images, much like bunch of carefully constructed happy accidents. Visitors were taken on a delirious sleepwalk at the intersection of  daydream and nightmare, leaving with a sense of visual deja-view and a feeling that they’ve seen the start of a lot more to come.  

Sometimes, in a dream, (naked ).


She is like a Palindrome, a word or sentence when spelled backwards, more often than not, becomes newly meaningful.

But sometimes, Eve is just Eve.

Her hairless body, her headless body-double, in a warm, black-and-white bushy dream.

Stereo-Stare all you like, Bob. :)

Are you having a Rorschach field day yet?

Pink-red Pinhole Sunsets.

Black Boys in Pink.

Pink Girls in Black Frames.

Butts and Nipples, stand.

I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it

Ti esrever dna ti pilf, nwod gniht ym tup

Wall to Wall, Orange, and Oranges, butting up just so.

Floppy Cocks, Shaggy Carpets and Forest Clearings.

Rocky beaches Gwano Birds and Marble Busts.

Repeat Patterns Repeat.

Pictures Pun.

2 (2).jpg
3 (1).jpg