Product Overview

We have developed a revolutionary automated modular system that takes the hassle and risk out of vertical gardens. Our system is controlled by a simple pump and irrigation system. The water is collected in the tanks and redistributed through- out the garden. Pre-grown plants are used to create a full garden from day one. Our vertical gardens comes standard with a remote monitoring platform that significantly reduces maintenance. 


Benefits Of Vertical Gardens 

Aesthetics: Vertical gardens are strikingly beautiful, unique and original works of living art de- signed to complement their surroundings. 

Health and wellness: Vertical gardens improve the well-being and mood of people through a spiritual connection to nature which is missing in the modern concrete jungle. 

Acoustics: Plants absorb sound and help with dif- fraction. The amount of noise reduction is proportional to the number of plants that are present in a room. Vertical gardens contain such a large number of plants that the acoustics of a room can be substan- tially improved. 

Indoor air quality: Plants photosynthesize and release oxygen into the air, and act as bio filters for impu- rities. 

Save floor space: Planting vertically allows for high plant density on less floor space. 


Benefits of Our System

Modular system: Our hardware is designed to be packed flat, ensuring easy ship- ping. Plants are planted off-site in a clean environment, and the pots are then sent to the site for installation. The pots clip in and out with a very simple connector, giving complete design flexibility in an instant.

Unique hexagon pots: The unique shape of the pots allows for perfect nesting, ensuring minimal gaps between the plants.

Automated system: The system is controlled by a simple pump and a drip-irrigation system. The water is collected in the tanks and redistributed throughout the garden.

Full coverage from day one: Designed to look lush and full from installation day.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor application: Our system is suitable for both in- door and outdoor use. Light, envi- ronment and weight must be con- sidered when specifying a Lemon Modular Vertical Garden.

Improved sustainability and reduced maintenance: Our system is soil-based, which substantially reduces maintenance compared to the common hydroponic vertical garden. Soil can store water for a longer period of time, ensuring the longevity of the plants should there be any system failures. The used water is also collected in the tanks and redistributed throughout the garden. Furthermore, the pot- and tank components of our system are made from recycled material. 


How It Works


Hardware: We provide all the necessary hardware you need to assemble a vertical garden. Our modular hard- ware allows you to assemble a vertical garden quickly and effortlessly. Our pre-engineered irriga- tion system allows for easy and reliable irrigation, taking away the need to design new systems for every project.

Electronics: Our smart sensor technology will monitor the sys- tem and ensure that it is functioning correctly at all times. The sensors can detect irrigation failures, alerting the customer and operators at Lemon of any problems before long-term damage can occur.

Software: The garden is connected to a central server and web-based management platform, which lets cus- tomers remotely manage gardens; with options to change pump and irrigation timing, adjust settings on the irrigation, and set up alerts.



Site Requirements

Electrical circuit for pump

Electrical circuit for lights with digital timer and back-up

50mm drainage point

Water supply



Turnkey installation service: We offer an installation service in all major cit- ies in South Africa. This includes technical design, plant selection and design , and lighting.

Use your landscaper: Should you want to use your own landscaper, we will supply you with a detailed installation manual. We also have a network of approved installers who can offer training.