Product Overview

This system allows for large format prints to be easily shipped, assembled and maintained. The modular system allows for flat packing and prints are removable to allow for easy future changes and cleaning. The system can also be fitted with an acoustic inner, which makes your artwork into a functional acoustic panel.


Product Benefits

Printed with direct sublimation
Very durable and lightweight
Prints can be scotch guarded for extra durability
Flat packable and easy to assemble
Print tensions perfectly in frame and is made from a non-sagging fabric
Fire retardant
Machine washable


600mm x 800mm with powder coated aluminium frame
1200mm x 1500mm with powder coated aluminium frame
1000mm x 2000mm with powder coated aluminium frame
1800mm x 2400mm with powder coated aluminium frame
Custom logo's, graphics and colours available on request



Acoustic filler

Scotchgaurd fabric print


Frame Finishes






How It Works

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