The Lemon Showroom

Over the past few months we have been developing our first showroom. We wanted to create a space that exemplifies our idea of the perfect modern workplace. We decided to develop our own furniture collection, which will eventually form part of our offering. Our furniture was designed around two key functions: easy customisation and simple modularity. We will be releasing more information in weeks to come. These products will accompany our existing offering of modular vertical gardens, glass whiteboards, whiteboard paint, window film, wallpaper, notice frames and fabric frames along with a large selection of acrylic prints  We are almost done and at the point where our wall-mounted products will soon bring the space to life. We invite you to pop in for a coffee whenever you're in the area. 

Displaying Artwork On The Floor

This bohemian way of displaying work was popularised by artists lack of wall space in their studios. It has since been adopted by the more confident art aficionados as a way to display works. There are a few things to consider when adopting this style of artwork display: floors collect dust so try to avoid high traffic areas or clean regularly, water will ruin the frame and eventually seep into the frame itself so not ideal for bathrooms, lastly small pieces don't work well so try to keep them of a large scale format. 

Printing On Glass

Our favourite Japanese design firm recently showcased their collection of printed glass tables at Milans Museo Della Permanente. Looking at ordinary materials such as glass in a unique way allows it to take on a new purpose, designer Oki Sato explains: "By combining the extremely difficult technique of printing gradation colours on the diagonal edges with the printing that expresses a delicate 'blurriness', an appearance that contradicts the conventional image of glass, which is of a hard and sharp material, was achieved."

Inspired by a similar premise a couple of months ago, we purchased a very special printer. This printer allows us to print directly onto a variety of materials including glass. We have used this advanced piece of machinery to print photographs of brutalist architecture directly onto large scale pieces of glass and we very happy with the outcome.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.38.50 AM.png

Massimo Locatelli Office

CLS Architects is a small studio founded - in part - by Massimo Locatelli. He decided to open shop in a church, which came to form the offices' backdrop. By incorporating contemporary furniture, office products and artwork he was able create a modern office independent of its shell. 

Maison Champs Elysèes by Maison Martin Margiela

One of our team members at Lemon recently stumbled across the Maison Champs Elysèes on a trip to Paris. The hotel was designed by the fashion house Maison Martin Margiela. Defying convention Maison Martin Margiela employed a fine artist to illustrate the wooden wall panelling, embossed fireplaces and pressed ceilings. These illustrations were transferred onto wallpaper, which is featured throughout the hotel restoring it to its former glory in a contemporary context. 

The Maison Champs Elysèes is an ode to 20th century Parisian interiors.

Modular Vertical Garden - Slow in the City

We had the pleasure of working with Tonic on Slow in the City. The space sets out to fuse the comforts of your home and office through a collection of meeting rooms and casual seating areas. Two modular vertical gardens were designed for the space. The eclectic mix of furniture, patterns and plant life forms a perfect balance.